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Me Before You Fashion Pt 4: The Rest of Lou’s Looks

Was I the only one who noticed the significant use of butterfly and bird prints on Louisa’s (Emilia Clarke) clothes in Me Before You? Having done many interviews with costume designers in the past, I thought for sure that Jill


Though she had no real character name (IMDB dubbed her the “Raven-Haired Beauty”), Mark King’s (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) illustrious fourth mistress in The Other Woman certainly left an impression. I’ve received so many questions about said Bahamas fling’s (played by Miss Universe


In order to not  prolong the mystery of Joan Watson’s (Lucy Liu) clothes in last night’s Elementary (Season 2, Episode 16, “The One Percent Solution“), I’m going to make this intro short and sweet. Here’s one of

About Time Movie Fashion: Go Inside Rachel McAdams’ ‘Vintage, Modern’ Closet

In About Time, the new rom com from Richard Curtis (director of the best Christmas flick of all time, Love Actually), Rachel McAdams takes a turn as Mary, a plucky American who becomes the apple of an

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘Blood is Thicker’

Someone at Elementary must love Steve Jobs… how else can you explain the blatant homage to him last night (Season 2, Episode 8, “Blood is Thicker“)? Ian Gale was a computer genius (check) with a life-threatening illness (check)

Arrow Fashion: Season 2 Premiere, ‘City of Heroes’

Full disclosure, Arrow fans. I do not have a clue what’s going on on the show. I have tried to read recaps, and I paid very close attention to the “Previously on” voiceover at the beginning of

Elementary Fashion: Season 2 Premiere, ‘Step Nine’

Before we get into the amazing display of effortlessly chic fashions worn by Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) in last night’s return of Elementary (Season 2, Episode 1, “Step Nine“), let’s take a moment to recall the suggestive exchange

Mistresses Fashion: Episode 10, ‘Indecent Proposals’

One of these days I would love to see a character whose about to have random romp with a male almost half her age reveal that she’s wearing an old bra and mismatched undies under her fitted

Dallas Fashion: ‘Blame Game’

Given all the drama that went down in this week’s Dallas (Season 2, Episode 6, “Blame Game”), one would think the scene in which J.R. (Larry Hagman) was learning how to use a tablet and IM’ing his

Silver Linings Playbook EXCLUSIVE: Jennifer Lawrence Costume IDs

Nothing can overshadow Jennifer Lawrence‘s natural beauty. Not sharing screen time with the Sexiest Man Alive . Not playing an unstable, promiscuous widow. And certainly not wearing a myriad of muted and rather unsexy clothes.
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