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Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘The Marchioness’

I had fully intended to write my intro to this week’s Elementary (Season 2, Episode 7,”The Marchioness“) fashion recap all about how adorable it was that the “love affair” Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) “had” with Mycroft (Rhys Ifans)

The Carrie Diaries Season 2 Fashion: ‘Express Yourself’

As Samantha (Lindsey Gort), uh, expressed herself around Larissa’s apartment in her skivvies on Friday night’s The Carrie Diaries (Season 2, Episode 2, “Express Yourself“), I had an epiphany. Miss Jones’ must have some seriously good genes. How else

The Crazy Ones Fashion: Sydney’s Earrings From ‘Hugging the Now’

Guys, I’ve been slacking on some of my Thursday night shows. With the return of Scandal and Elementary, and then premiere of Reign, I’ve created quite a royal mess out TV recordings to sort through come Friday

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘An Unnatural Arrangement’

When Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) pointed out his “most loathed article of furniture” during last night’s  Elementary (Season 2, Episode 6, “An Unnatural Arrangement“), I thought to myself: loathed? No way! That trunk is pure antique

Reign Fashion: Interview With Jewelry Designer Gillian Steinhardt

Jewelry designer Gillian Steinhardt was blessed with the luck of the Irish when her costumer pal Meredith Markworth-Pollack called her up amid production in Ireland on the pilot episode of The CW’s new royal series Reign. “She

Reign Fashion Episode 2: ‘Snakes In The Garden’

I have got to hand it to the folks behind the throne at The CW’s new series Reign — not only are they producing a stunning period drama on a network known for supernatural love triangles, gossip girls,

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘Ancient History’

I apologize for being late on this post, Elementary fans. I  have no better alibi other than I was out of town for a friend’s wedding. Watching  this most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 5, “Ancient History“)  post-plane

Carrie Diaries Fashion: Season 2 Premiere, ‘Win Some, Lose Some’

In honor of the return of the legendary Samantha Jones to TV tonight  — via The Carrie Diaries season 2 premiere ( Episode 1, “Win Some, Lose Some”) — I figured it was the perfect time to break

Parks and Rec Fashion: April’s Crossbody Bags

Hi. Loooove the site. I was wondering if you had any information on the brown cross body bag April wears on Parks and Rec. I saw it most recently on season six episode 2. But I believe

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘Poison Pen’

I get the feeling that if Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Dexter Morgan were to ever meet, they would become immediate bros. Both of them are witty. Both like to see criminals brought to justice. Both
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