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Fuller House Episode 13: What They Wore

Do you guys remember how sitcoms back in the day (like Saved by the Bell and yes, even, Full House)  would take the storylines all over the place, so that when you tuned in from one week

Fuller House Episode 3: What DJ Wore

Hello again everyone! Much like our favorite San Francisco family, I, too, am making a bit of a revival myself in 2016: I am back working on On Screen Style again! I apologize for going dark for so

Teen Beach 2 Fashion and Clothes: What Lela Wore

Not only was Lela’s (Grace Phipps) perfectly coiffed do given a makeover (or, was it a make… under?) in Teen Beach 2, so was her subdued closet. “From the first film, we see Lela in really soft, feminine styles, reflective of

Teen Beach 2 Fashion and Clothes: What Mack Wore

Last time we checked in with surfing high schooler McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) — in the original Teen Beach Movie — she was spending her summer cruising around with the Wet Side Story gang in 1960s clothes. Fast forward to

House of Cards S3 Fashion: What Claire Wore Chapter 31-32

So what exactly was Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) thinking when she held a business meeting in the ladies room and then proceeded to do her own, um, business in front of the Russian ambassador in Chapter 31?

House of Cards S3 Fashion: What Claire Wore Chapter 29-30

The most spectacular dress of House of Cards season 3 (in my honest opinion) appeared on Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) during a state dinner in chapter 29 (episode 3). It — along with the rest of her

House of Cards S3 Fashion: A Peek Inside Claire’s Stylish First Lady Wardrobe

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not yet finished binge watching season 3 of House of Cards on Netflix, do NOT keep reading ahead! When Robin Wright‘s personal stylist, Kemal Harris (pictured, far right), stepped on the set

House of Cards Season 3 Fashion: What Claire Wore Chapter 27-28

House of Cards fans, I have been noticing a big uptick on clicks on my pasts posts about Claire Underwood’s (Robin Wright) season 2 clothes, and wanted to bring you the first of many (!) posts I


In three seasons on the CBS series Elementary, Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) has lived in three places. One of them we barely ever saw, the second was Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) iconic brownstone, and finally, in the current


While Charleston “Charlie” Tucker (Katherine Heigl)  wears many hats as a CIA analyst, there are only a few distinct “faces” that will fit underneath. “Charlie has basically three looks,” State of Affairs Makeup Department Head Carmé Tenuta told OSS in a
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