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Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘An Unnatural Arrangement’

When Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) pointed out his “most loathed article of furniture” during last night’s  Elementary (Season 2, Episode 6, “An Unnatural Arrangement“), I thought to myself: loathed? No way! That trunk is pure antique

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘Ancient History’

I apologize for being late on this post, Elementary fans. I  have no better alibi other than I was out of town for a friend’s wedding. Watching  this most recent episode (Season 2, Episode 5, “Ancient History“)  post-plane

Elementary Season 2 Fashion: ‘Poison Pen’

I get the feeling that if Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Dexter Morgan were to ever meet, they would become immediate bros. Both of them are witty. Both like to see criminals brought to justice. Both

Elementary Fashion: ‘We Are Everyone’

Raise your hand if you think there needs to be an entire Elementary Web series or online game dedicated to Sherlock’s (Jonny Lee Miller) solve-this-crime-scene-in-a-dollhouse game? I bet there’s more value (entertainment and intellectual) in that than

Elementary Fashion: ‘Solve For X’

Next time I’m handed the bill after a big dinner with friends, I’m going to pass it along to the person sitting next to me and say, “I can’t figure out who owes what and how much

Elementary Fashion: Season 2 Premiere, ‘Step Nine’

Before we get into the amazing display of effortlessly chic fashions worn by Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) in last night’s return of Elementary (Season 2, Episode 1, “Step Nine“), let’s take a moment to recall the suggestive exchange

Rag & Bone Harrow Booties: TV’s Favorite Shoe

Question: What do Sookie Stackhouse, Debra Morgan, and Joan Watson all have in common? OK, besides being badass crime fighters. And besides a knack for collecting hot male arm candy. Answer: They all have been recently spotted

Elementary Season 2: Joan Watson Fashion Preview

If you’re wondering just what it is that has you so gaga for Joan Watson’s (Lucy Liu) Elementary style, it’s probably because you can actually picture most of Joan’s threads in your own closet. And that’s exactly what costume designer Rebecca Hoferr was

Elementary: Joan Watson’s Gold Hoop Earrings

I am trying to find the earrings that [Joan] Watson wears quite a bit on the first season of Elementary. They are a pair of what looks to be hoops, but with a crescent shape. They are

Elementary Fashion: Joan Watson’s Glasses

Not since Felicity Smoak pranced on the scene in Arrow wearing her signature glasses did I ever think another pair of spectacles, would cause, well, another spectacle on this site. Boy, was I was wrong. Email after email
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