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Me Before You Fashion Pt 2: All About Lou’s Shoes

“Shoes were her thing,” Me Before You Costume Designer Jill Taylor declared to me during a phone interview about Lou’s (Emilia Clarke) wardrobe. “I think we’ve got a photograph somewhere of the shoes in the fitting room.

Me Before You Fashion Pt 1: Building Lou’s Colorful Closet + That Red Dress

When Me Before You author JoJo Moyes was trying to visualize how her plucky character Louisa (Lou) Clark would skip off the page and onto the screen, all she had to do was hit London’s West End. “I

Fuller House: We Did it! DJ’s Pink Necklace Will Be Back In Stock!

Sometimes mob mentality on the Internets can be a really bad thing. And other times, it can really prove useful. Thankfully, we can now consider ourselves part of the latter group! I am so excited to announce that my

Fuller House Episode 5 Fashion: What DJ Wore

I have good news, friends. One of the items many of you have been asking me to find from Fuller House is still available! It’s not often that this happens, so I think we should all do

Fuller House Episode 1: What DJ Wore

In keeping with my promised theme to do these posts on the fashions of Fuller House completely out of whack (it pains a type A person like me to do it this way, but I am trying to

Fuller House Episode 6 Fashion: What DJ Wore

Your pleas have been heard Fuller House fans. I have located DJ’s (Candace Cameron Bure) necklace in Episode 6 (Season 1, “The Legend of El Explosivo”) so you can all rest assured this sartorial mystery will not go unsolved. The only problem?

Fuller House Episode 4 Fashion: What DJ Wore

You know what the problem is with researching all of the fantastic Fuller House looks you guys keep requesting? My own hand has fallen victim to the words “add to cart” a few times now (yes, I’m blaming

Fuller House Episode 13: What They Wore

Do you guys remember how sitcoms back in the day (like Saved by the Bell and yes, even, Full House)  would take the storylines all over the place, so that when you tuned in from one week

Fuller House Episode 3: What DJ Wore

Hello again everyone! Much like our favorite San Francisco family, I, too, am making a bit of a revival myself in 2016: I am back working on On Screen Style again! I apologize for going dark for so

Teen Beach 2 Fashion and Clothes: What Lela Wore

Not only was Lela’s (Grace Phipps) perfectly coiffed do given a makeover (or, was it a make… under?) in Teen Beach 2, so was her subdued closet. “From the first film, we see Lela in really soft, feminine styles, reflective of
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