Have you ever spotted a dress in a movie that you just had. to. own? A coffee table in a sitcom that you would give anything to rest your feet on? A shade of lipstick on a starlet you just knew would complement your skin tone? Enter On Screen Style— your personal on-set detective, identifying the goods you spotted on Hollywood’s big and small screens and giving you intel as to how they got there.

Got an fashion, beauty, or home item you want ID’ed? Email me (findit@onscreenstyle.com), send me note via the contact page, or send me a Tweet. I’ll corral my resources (costumer designers, stylists, propmasters, set designers, pr reps, etc) and my illustrious research skills to track it down.

My name is Lindsay, I am a Floridian by birth, a New Yorker by heart and a Southern girl by chance. I want to personally thank you for visiting On Screen Style!

My husband and me on our wedding day! (Photo by Jenn Hopkins Photography)

I created this site as a way to reconnect with a passion I left behind when I moved from The Big Apple to North Carolina in fall 2010. Though I am now a website content manager for a global PC company, my career began in entertainment journalism.

Working for Teen People magazine (may it RIP), Entertainment Weekly and then MTV’s Hollywood Crush, I used to spend my days interviewing celebrities, recapping The Hills, nurturing Twilight fans on Twitter, and dissecting costume and set design as EW‘s Style Hunter.

Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston On Screen Style

Tom Cruise and me at the Mission: Impossible III premiere in 2006 |
Jennifer Aniston and me at the Bounty Hunter press junket in 2010

It’s the last tick on that list that I absolutely relished in…and continue to miss the most. I loved the thrill of the style chase — finding items readers couldn’t live without, but more importantly, getting the stories behind these important design decisions.

So here we are, back on this adventure together…welcome to my site!

{To read more about me and this site, check out my welcome post.}