Fuller House Episode 3: What DJ Wore

Hello again everyone! Much like our favorite San Francisco family, I, too, am making a bit of a revival myself in 2016: I am back working on On Screen Style again! I apologize for going dark for so many months, I had a baby last September and my brain wouldn’t let me do anything much further than lifting the remote or scanning Facebook at the time.

You’re probably wondering why I’m starting off a series of posts on the Full House reboot, Fuller Housewith Episode 3 (Season 1, “Funner House”), and there’s a simple answer: D.J.’s (Candace Cameron Bure) girls-night-out style a club Euphoria seems to have given everyone their own euphoria.
fuller house dj lace romper episode 3 club candace cameron bure

An altered version of the Lush Lace Inset Romper (no longer available)
Darling Romper
Lover + Friends Romper
X by NBD Romper
For Love and Lemons Romper  <— my favorite match!
 I plan to continue to ID as many looks as I can from Fuller House, so please let me know in the comments below if there’s anything specific you’ve got your eye on!

Check out more Fuller House fashion on OSS by clicking right here!

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