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Neil Patrick Harris inside Desi’s modern kitchen

Put your box cutters down and step inside Desi Collings’ (Neil Patrick Harris) decadent lake house in the movie  Gone Girl.

Turns out the Lake “Collings” estate — a.k.a. the “swiss chateau on an American scale” that Amy Dunne (Rosamund Pike) gets imprisoned in— is actually a real place in Missouri.

According to Production Designer Donald Graham Burt, the original lake house they intended to film all of those scenes at was in Los Angeles but due to scheduling and permitting issues, fell through.  So just like Amy did for her dear hubby Nick, the crew gave the midwest an honest chance.

“We realized we should take a look and see if there’s anything in Missouri, and the location manager came across this home through a contact he had in Cape Girardeau; it was right outside the town,” Don recalled to OSS in an interview. “We were so fortunate to find it because it was this stylized Frank Lloyd Wright type of home. It was perfect because it had a grandeur to it and it was on a lake. It was just so unique in its shape and form.”

desi house gone girl movie bedroom bed nph neil patrick harris

A pivotal GG scene at Desi’s lake house takes place in this bed, which was custom built by the Production Designer and his crew

It also didn’t hurt that the house was just as grand on the inside as it was on the outside. “We thought this was perfect for someone that lives in the midwest and has money,” he said.  “The family that was there has money, it had built ins and details that you just couldn’t find anywhere else. It was a step up from a mcmansion because it was so well crafted and it had cathedral molding.”

The living room scenes (where you see Desi shut off the TV amid Nick’s interview with Sharon Schieber) is the only actual location filmed inside the real house, while the bedroom, bathroom, and office were all sets on a stage.

When I asked Don why he though so many fans swooned over the thought of Desi’s house rather than Amy and Nick’s, he said it was strictly due to its bones. “The architectural style, it’s  something people can relate to. it’s so specific, it has that uniqueness.”

Unfortunately, none of the home decor you saw inside is available for retail purchase. “We built the furniture for it,” he  explained. “We manufactured the furniture for the living room, for the bedroom, for all the rooms. We just played in to the shapes that were brought to us from the house itself.”

{Don’t miss my interview with the Gone Girl production designer about the interior design of Nick & Amy’s Missouri home right here!}

desi collings gone girl movie lake house bed bedrom neil patrick harris

Rossetto USA Platform Bed and attachable nightstand

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