veronica mars movie costumes outfits clothesIf all costume designers were as awesome as Genevieve Tyrrell, my job would be a lot easier! Not only did the Veronica Mars movie style maven give me an excellent interview, she also gave me countless other unexpected insider treats — including a peek into her team’s on-set costume diary where I was able to peruse through all of the cast’s wardrobe changes and behind-the-scenes images. This means that all of the Kristen Bell & co. outfit IDs I’ve included below (keep scrolling past the interview to check those out) are as accurate as possibly. A relief for me and a bonus for you! So, big thank you again goes out to Genevieve for letting me — and the marshmallows of the world — get such an intimate look into the making of Neptune 2.0. ***** ON SCREEN STYLE: How did you get involved in the Veronica Mars movie? Can you take me back through the timeline? GENEVIEVE TYRELL: I originally was introduced to the producers and the director by Sal Perez, who did the costumes in the original series. He and I have a really great rapport and professional relationship. We’ve caught up in the past on the same sort of shows. It’s just a wonderful way to pay it forward. He likes my style and my direction. So it’s been a really good meeting of the minds. I think it was four weeks [that I had to prep the costumes], so that’s pretty standard, even though this was such a tighter budget.

veronica mars movie kristen bell laptop computer

Veronica Mars then and now

OSS: Once you found out you were going to be the costume designer, what was your process for research? Did you re-watch every single episode?  Not all of the seasons, but I was definitely doing a re-watch. You meet these characters, they appeared at some point in the series, so when people were being cast, I would go back and watch specific episodes with those characters, just so  I could have a back story about who they are. Not all of the characters were on the series the entire time. OSS: Did you go directly to the actors themselves to see how they wanted their style to be portrayed? Yes, absolutely. When people are cast, you generally email them, call them, and discuss their characters. Most of the time, on a TV show or a movie, they don’t have an extensive background story because they’ve never played the part before. This was entirely different having played the part in the series.

veronica mars movie mac wallace clothes fashion

Before Sal Perez passed the costume torch onto Genevieve, he gave her some words of wisdom about Veronica and pals

OSS: What kind of advice did Sal Perez give you? ***The following are snippets from Genevieve’s exact notes, which she sent to OSS over email *** “I liked the show because I’m a fan of classic noir and detective fiction.  Even though Veronica Mars was essentially a high school drama, it self-consciously brought in many themes and motifs of noir film and pulp detective stories.  The character of Veronica was the smartest, most capable person on the show, however, there was always a sense of desperation and solitude to her, just like any proper private detective character should have.  Sometimes the production design and lighting played off of the noir themes, particularly in the interior sets, but the costumes always seemed very straightforward and contemporary.”

“The show was set in a fictitious southern California town called Neptune with a very rich side and a not-so-rich side.  Many of the story lines focused on the friction between the upper and lower classes.” “Veronica- Her mother abandoned her and her father when she was young.  Her father was loving but often away with work, and was not infallible.  The entire first season was spent trying to learn who had murdered her best friend, and who had drugged and raped Veronica at a party.  Throughout the show she constantly learned that the people she loved would still let her down and betray her, and the only person she could rely on completely was herself.  She was also obnoxiously smart  and capable.  Very tough.  Somehow angelic little Kristen Bell conveyed tough.”

veronica mars movie logan kristen bell fashion style

“She’s more of a woman than the girl she was on the series,” the costumer said of Kristen’s contemporary style

OSS: In what ways did you use the TV series to inspire Veronica’s style in the movie? On the flip side, how did you try to differentiate her style/transition it into modern day? When we saw Veronica back in Neptune, her style was more t-shirts, cropped jackets in denim and canvas, some sweatshirts, but it had a quirkier, more teen vibe. She had a lot of color, there were greens and purples, she was definitely more colorful than how I designed her character to look in the film. She wore a lot of Lucky Brand. Kristen doesn’t look that dissimilar [from the series to today]. You could dress her up in her old Veronica Mars clothes, and you could maybe pull it all off [laughs]. There was more of a cuteness then, and now she’s more formidable as this adult version of herself— having gone to law school and living in New York City. I think she’s more of a woman than the girl that she was on the series. Just changing the palette. When you first see her in NY, you see her in that Mackage trench, and she’s got that interview with that that smart blazer, and the trousers and the Jimmy Choo booties. The bringing her back to Neptune, there is a transition point that we had noted in her character’s change breakdown where we felt like she’d dug out her old bag, she’s carrying her old tools of the trade; all the things she had left behind. And, she does wear a cropped denim jacket and a striped t-shirt that I felt was really more back Veronica of Neptune but it still stayed in the palette of the now.

veronica mars movie original purse from tv series

That’s the same studded bag Veronica wore in the TV series

OSS: Was that the same purse she carried in the series? Yes, it was. Isn’t that crazy? It’s amazing it still exists! We borrowed a bunch of stuff from Warner Bros archives. Amazingly, a girl at the archives was a huge fan of the show and when it wrapped, she went through every box and pulled out things she thought were important to keep in archives, which is amazing to think that anyone would have the foresight to do that — and for a TV show that was only on for three seasons. OSS: How closely did you work with Kristen on creating her wardrobe? What was that like? Kirsten is really easy going, she’s easily in character and rolls with things. She’s great to work with. She and I have very similar style and we have a lot of designers that we love and wear just in our daily life. She definitely trusts me — this is the second movie I’ve worked on with her. We do have a really great shorthand of things that I know are go-to things for her. OSS: Filming started right after her daughter was born — how did you work around creating looks for her post-pregnancy body? Was there anything special you did? She had only just had little Lincoln eight weeks before filming. I really commend her! We really used those black Paige Denim jeans. Those were a great go go. She does wear them in a lot of scenes. We worked a lot in dark denim and black. We were very conscientious of not having anything too clingy around the middle, just to give her a little leeway.

veronica mars movie dick logan kristen

Noticed a lot of the color blue in the movie? You weren’t the only one!

OSS: There seemed to be a lot of use of the color blue, was there a particular reason for that? There is a lot of blue, I absolutely agree! Rob, the production designer, Jeff, and I, we really wanted to infuse that into Neptune; some of that color from the series. It seemed like blue was our go to. We wanted to project that as the sheer now. So it was a conscious decision, but no conspiracy theories behind it!

veronica mars blue tshirt night shirt costume change

Veronica’s insta-change from clothes to blue pj shirt had Genevieve perplexed, too!

OSS: I had a few readers ask me to ask you about that scene when Logan takes Veronica home, puts her in bed, and takes her boots off. Then she walks out in a blue t-shirt. People are wondering when she changed into the shirt! Oh, me too! [laughs] The time cut for the editing doesn’t make sense— he puts her down and then writes her a note, and she jumps up and she’s out of those clothes. It bothered me, too. OSS: So how was it written in the script then? There was more of a time passage in the script. I think it was just edited that way in the final outcome. I slugged Heidi, my costume supervisor, who was sitting next to me during the screening. I gave her an elbow and was like, “What was that??” [laughs]     ***** veronica mars movie leather sleeve trench coat kristen bell mackage

VERONICA’S GRAY AND BLACK LEATHER-SLEEVE TRENCH COAT: Mackage Avra Trench Coat (no longer available in gray but you can still get it in beige)
Laundry Mixed Media Trench Walter Baker Faux Leather Trench
veronica mars movie black gray denim jacket kristen

VERONICA’S DARK GRAY-WASHED DENIM JACKET: This is a version of The Robyn Jacket by Adriano Goldschmied but I couldn’t locate an exact product image
GET THE LOOK: top: H&M Denim Jacket bottom: Gloria Vanderbilt Melanie Denim Jacket

veronica mars movie kristen black leather sleeve zip jacketVERONICA’S BLACK, LEATHER-SLEEVE SUEDE JACKET : AllSaints Connell Leather Biker Jacket (no longer available) GET THE LOOK: Charlotte Russe Faux Leather Bomber Romeo & Juliet Couture Faux Leather Jacket MICHAEL Michael Kors Zipper Jacket veronica mars movie grey gray color block blazer jacket kristen bell

VERONICA’S GRAY BLAZER WITH EPAULET SHOULDER DETAIL: This is a wool suit jacket made by Gucci, but I haven’t been able to track it down anywhere! Keep checking back, I’ll keep trying to hunt down details for you… GET THE LOOK: Tahari Three Button Suit Jacket Chaser Color Blocked Blazer

veronica mars movie black chain link purse bag handbag

GET THE LOOK FOR LESS: Ivanka Trump Bucket Hobo Big Buddah Viola

veronica mars movie army green shirt black hooded blazer kristen

VERONICA’S HOODED BLACK BLAZER/JACKET: Aryn Glasser Emma Hooded Bomber (no longer available) GET THE LOOK: G by Guess Ollie Hooded Jacket Gloria Vanderbilt Melanie Denim Jacket


VERONICA’S ARMY/OLIVE GREEN TOP WITH BLACK LEATHER TRIM: Alice + Olivia Fitted Tee in Old Army (no longer available) GET THE LOOK: DKNYC Faux Leather Trimmed Blouse Michael Stars Jewel Neck Tee

Veronica Mars kristen gray grey cowl draped tank top

Only Hearts Cowl Neck Tank Banana Republic Draped Cowl

Veronica Mars Kristen Black Ankle boot bootie

VERONICA’S BLACK ANKLE BOOTS: Rag & Bone Newbury Bootie GET THE LOOK FOR LESS: SO High Ankle Boots Carlos by Carlos Santana Remington Boot Kelsi Dagger Zidane Ankle Boots

veronica mars movie black reunion top blouse kristen bell

VERONICA’S BLACK LONG-SLEEVE SILK-PANEL BLOUSE WORN AT REUNION: This was a mandarin-collar silk and knit blouse by Sandro, but I couldn’t locate a product image anywhere (though this looks similar) GET THE LOOK: 1. BCBG Gael Silk Blouse 2. Lafayette 148 Velvet Blouse 3. Eileen Fisher Sheer Panel Shirt

  veronica mars movie kristen green olive sheer mesh sweater

VERONICA’S ARMY/HUNTER GREEN SHEER/MESH/OPEN-KNIT SWEATER: Rag & Bone Island Raglan Pullover in Olive (no longer available)
Twenty Speckled Pullover BB Dakota Kit Sweater

veronica mars movie kristen leather sleeve wool zip jacket blazer helmut lang

VERONICA’S DARK NAVY (IT LOOKS BLACK!) WOOL AND LEATHER-SLEEVE ASYMETRICAL ZIP JACKET: From Helmut Lang’s Fall/Winter 2011 – 2012 collection (I was unsuccessful at locating a product link) GET THE LOOK: Jessica Simpson Two-Tone Moto Jacket Nell Collarless Dakota Jacket Jones New York Mixed Media Jacket

Veronia Mars Movie Kristen black white cream color block sweater

VERONICA’S BLACK AND CREAM COLORBLOCK SWEATER: bebe Colorblock Cord Yard Top (no longer available) GET THE LOOK:
Townsen Evergreen Sweater Generation Love Raglan Sleeve Popcorn-Knit Sweater Forever 21 Colorblocked Raglan Sweater
veronica mars movie kristen green gray leather jacket vince
VERONICA’S MOSS GREEN/GREY ASYMETRIC ZIP LEATHER JACKET: Vince Leather Scuba Jacket in Sage (no longer available but a very similar  “paper” leather version by Vince still is)  GET THE LOOK: Trouvé Collarless Leather Jacket The Fillmore Missy Jacket Romeo & Juliet Couture Moto Jacket

veronica mars movie mac reunion dress outfit Tina Majorino

MAC’S (TINA MAJORINO) NAVY BLUE AND BLCK REUNION OUTFIT/BODY-CON DRESS: Surprisingly this was not a dress, it’s actually a Versace v-neck top (I couldn’t  locate a product image but this looked similar) paired with a bebe solid midi skirt GET THE LOOK:
Max and Cleo Cutout Dress
Charlotte Russe Cutout Back Midi Dress Sonia Rykiel Cap Sleeve Dress

veronica mars movie gia green long sleeve dress krysten kristen ritter

GIA’S (KRYSTEN RITTER) GREEN LONG-SLEEVED DRESS: James Perse Dress in Army Green (no longer available) GET THE LOOK:
Daftbird Long Sleeve Dress Manila Grace Denim Dress


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