Elementary: Joan Watson’s Gold Hoop Earrings

I am trying to find the earrings that [Joan] Watson wears quite a bit on the first season of Elementary. They are a pair of what looks to be hoops, but with a crescent shape. They are gold, and of course not too big. I have used every search engine possible. If you have any idea who might make these or where I might find them I would be eternally grateful. Thanks so much for your time. — Gigi 

Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Liu gold hoop earringsBesides the fact that I loved Gigi’s meticulous description of Lucy Liu’s earrings, I also loved her power of persuasion with that plea, “I would be eternally grateful.” Well, Gigi, now’s probably a great time to tell you that i accept chocolate and wine as forms of thanks!

I should probably confess, though, that Gigi wasn’t the only OSS reader to reach out to me about these earrings. And while I got every description possible via emails and tweets — they look like half moons! They’re spiky! — none of you quite characterized them the way  Elementary Costume Designer Rebecca Hofherr did during our recent phone interview.

“We call them the machete earrings,” she said with a laugh.

As it turns out, the killer accessory, which Watson owns in both silver and gold, was crafted by an independent jewelry designer named Sasha Bell, who Rebecca has become a quite the fan of. “You’ll see more pairs [on Joan] from that designer in season 2,” the costumer hinted.

“I’m excited that people like those earrings because the store where I bought them is not far from where i live in in Brooklyn, and I love it.”


Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Gold Moon Hoop Earrings



Sasha Bell Jewelry Half Moon Hooks (available in three finishes)

A HUGE special thanks needs to be given to Sasha herself here — her Etsy listing for these earrings came about only after I reached out to her about this post.  She said that while these earrings were not a part of her current collection, she would have samples re-made, re-photographed, and re-listed just for you loyal Elementary fans out there! Here’s a link to Sasha’s website in case you also want to send her a personal thanks. 
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