Star Trek Into Darkness: Uhura’s Leather Jacket

Star Trek Into Darkness Kronos Uhura Leather JacketWhen California designer Logan Riese was first asked to craft Nyota Uhura’s (Zoe Saldana) leather jacket for Star Trek Into Darkness he was literally taken into the darkness himself.

“For a not-on-set-costumer like me, they can’t give me too many details about plot or what’s happening — the description of the scene is always kind of cryptic,” Logan recalled to OSS of the minimal instructions given by the the movie’s costume designer. “I remember Michael [Kaplan] saying, ‘She needs to look normal and sleek. She’s not on the ship.'”

The scene in which Logan’s creation would ultimately star was one where Uhura and her shipmates landed on the enemy planet Kronos to hunt down a fugitive. In order to look incospicuous, the Enterprise crew had to do something out of this world: put on civilian clothes.

Star Trek Uhura Zoe Leather Jacket Logan Riese

Vest images courtesy of Logan Riese

Logan only had one week to complete his mission, and Uhura’s futuristic-yet-subtle look was eventually designed in two parts. A dark brown, “super soft” lambskin jacket was layered underneath a mini/cropped vest in the same brown leather, but with metallic, copper lines etched in from front to back (one of the first mockups of the vest is pictured to the left). “It was awesome!” Logan exclaimed.

Ultimately there were four of these jackets custom made for the production — two for Zoe and two for her stunt doubles — and if you look close enough, you’ll notice one specific element missing from all of them. “I think the best quote from Michael concerning designing for the movie was, “‘There are no zippers in the future,'” Logan said. “That was my task: no zippers on anything I made.”



Star Trek Uhura Zoe Brown Leather Jacket Into Darkness

Custom designed by Logan Riese (no replicas have been made)
: 1. Vince Camuto Chocolate Napa Lamb Leather Jacket
2.Neiman Marcus Quilted Leather Motorcycle Jacket
3.ModCloth Visibility Oak Jacket

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