Arrow Fashion: Felicity’s Glasses and Earrings Found!

Arrow Felicity Emily GlassesI feel like I have finally hit a bullseye (get it?) for all of you Arrow fans who have asked me to hunt down Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) eyeglass frames!

The fine people behind The CW series checked in with the costume department after I relayed to them just how many people NEEDED to know where her glasses were from (see the comments section on my post about Felicity’s lip color as proof). And while I did get a response (woo hoo!), it was as perplexing as the names in Oliver Queen’s book.

It turns out the spectacles “were picked up at a kiosk,” so what I received back was what seemed to be a model number written inside her frames… no brand name was known!  When I googled the phrase ” JASTIME 72762″ I was left with this irritating and rare response: “Your search did not match any documents.”

So naturally, I did my best Felicity impression, and put my IT skills to work. I found a legit company called Jastime, contacted them on a complete whim, and whaddayaknow?  They are the makers behind her coveted frames!  “Jastime 72762” has since been decoded by moi, and you can find a link to get yourself the two-tone, black-and-amber specs below.

For good measure, I also threw in info about the gold leaf/feather earrings Emily wore in last week’s episode (Season 1, Episode 18, “Salvation“) … you never know when the Arrow gods might pay back this kind of devotion and honor us shippers with a Felicity and Ollie love fest.

UPDATE ON  FEB. 21, 2016- Given the many enraged fan comments below, it looks like company who made these frames (Jastime) is no longer selling them at the original link I had included. I apologize it has taken me so long to update this post, but alas! I have tried my hardest to find you guys the very best get the look options I can. Keep scrolling!

Arrow Felicity Smoak Emily Glasses Frames Eyeglasses

Reader Store Online “Soho” Frames ( SKU 2472762) in black and brown (no longer available)
SIMILAR OPTIONS (updated February 2016):
1.) Tom Ford Two-Tone Frames
2.) Corrine McCormack Reading Glasses
3.) Burberry Black and Light Frames
3.) Contour Glasses <– thanks to reader Lisa for emailing me this excellent find! She personally picked these up at her local Walmart cheaper than they are listed on the site(
Arrow Felicity Emily Earrings Feather Leaf

Anthropologie Southbound Plume Earrings (no longer available)
1.) Charlotte Russe Dangling Metallic Leaf Earrings
2.) Kendra Scott “Zinnnia” Leaf Drop Earrings
3.) Shlomit Ofir Designs “Adora Earrings” via Etsy (see if they’ll do a custom pair for you without the stone at the bottom!)

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