Oz Beauty: Get Michelle Williams’ Glinda Look

Oz Glinda Michelle Williams MakeupIn order to understand how Vivian Baker, the makeup department head on Oz The Great and Powerful, first approached Michelle Williams‘ look for her turn as witch Glinda, all you have to do is take a close look at the character’s description.

Glinda — a.k.a. “the good witch” — is a kindhearted character who embraces peace, shuns war, and sparkles even when she’s sad.

“Clearly, you think  of the idea of a natural beauty. You think of the idea of a glamour,” Vivian told OSS of her initial inspiration for Glinda.”We like to think that good people aren’t just good on the outside…that it’s not just a paint job that makes them good. It’s something that internalizes itself all the way. So, I think, in kind of a weird way, it spoke to us metaphorically that she’s not hiding anything. I loved that idea.”

Not hiding anything, of course, meant looking as innocent as possible, so the makeup artist says she focused on playing up Michelle’s skin, which already had a “beautiful translucency” to it. “There was a sheen I used on her cheekbones and on her eyes,” Vivian explained. “I wanted her cheekbones to shine.”

What she didn’t want, however, was for the actress to fade into the background when her brunette counterparts, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz, entered the Land of OZ. “The other girls were in such dramatic looks, we wanted to find a way to not lose [Michelle] in that.”

Read on to find out Vivian’s exact makeup process!



Oz Glinda Michelle Williams Makeup Highlighter Blush


1.) Guerlain Lingerie De Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation 2.) Clé de Peau Beauté Silky Cream Foundation 3.) Hakuhodo’s Kokutan Eye Shadow Brush MLL (Model H2288)
4.) Chanel Illusion D’Ombre Luminous Eyeshadow in “Fantasme”
5.) Benefit “Dandelion” Brightening Face Powder

(1) GUERLAIN LINGERIE FOUNDATION: “You get enough coverage from it, so it’s not so sheer you almost wasted your time,” Vivian said. “It doesn’t really move after you’ve pushed it into the skin and yet you look like you have skin there. It’s kind of this under pinning — hence the name, ‘Lingerie.'”

(2) CLE DE PEAU FOUNDATION: “This is one of my favorite bases of all time!” the beauty maven explained. “They make a beautiful beige that the camera loves. I’ve always had a lot of success with it. [On Michelle,] I would use the Cle de Peau in the places I wanted to be a little more dense, and a little more flat, which allowed for a lot more skin to show through. It gave a beautiful cohesiveness to the whole skin.”

Vivian used this (3) EYE SHADOW BRUSH by the Japanese-based brush manufacturer, Hakuhodo to add highlighting to Michelle’s cheeks, brow bone, and under her eyes. “They make some of the finest brushes in the world,” she said. “Their quality is incredible.”

She liked this eyeshadow brush — which she described as the size of “a blush brush for a china doll” — in particular because it allowed her to have control of the Chanel shade. “Really one application a day is all I needed, it stayed for the rest of the day. It was quite incredible.”

{SIDE NOTE FROM ME: I was shocked when Vivian told me this! One application a day sounds unheard of for such sheer shade…might need to try it out sometime myself!}

Vivian always applied the (4) CHANEL EYE SHADOW IN “FANTASME” — a long-wear, gel-formula shimmering shade — last after the rest of Michelle’s makeup was done. “What’s great about this color is that the shine breaks up; it’s very loose. The sparkles could be placed quite a ways apart so it was more like stars, it wasn’t just like a sheen on the cheeks. So it took the sheen that we do like on the cheeks a step further into something that was unworldly.”

The soft pink (5) BENEFIT DANDELION blush was used only as subtle enhancement to Michelle’s cheeks because Vivian still wanted her natural color coming through. “It’s a great color because it’s not too light, and yet it has depth to it, and it’s not super shiny.”

Oz Glinda Michelle Williams Eye Makeup Lashes


1.) Make Up For Ever Individual Eyelashes 2.) YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Mascara in “Midnight Blue” 3.) Sensai Liquid Eyeliner 4.) Clé de Peau Beauté Satin Eye Color in “103” 5.) MAC Eye Shadow in “Charcoal Brown”

Vivian pumped up the drama on Michelle’s eyes by adhering about 18-20 individual lashes — like these (1)  LASHES BY MAKE UP FOR EVER — to them. “I needed the camera to be able to read them,” she said.

The  (2) YSL MASCARA IN MIDNIGHT BLUE “looked almost black,” which Vivian explained, helped take away a bit of harshness to Michelle’s look.

(3) SENSAI EYELINER PEN: “It’s fast, it’s easy, and it has a felt tip. I could keep building on it and still get a fine line. It allows for a lot of control, so it didn’t go in the places I didn’t want it to go.”

The makeup artist layered neutral shadows and champagne shades — like the pink-gold (4)  CLE DE PEAU 103 SHADOW — to add texture to Michelle’s lids.

And in the creases, all she said she used was a “simple, flat basic brown.” Use the (5) MAC CHARCOAL BROWN SHADOW as an example.
Oz Glinda Michelle Williams Lips Lip Color lipstick


1.) Rodin Olio Lusso Lip Balm 2.) Bobbi Brown Lip Liner in “Beige”

“I found a lot of times that a natural lip tone will read really rosy on camera,” Vivian told OSS. ” I wanted to use [Michelle’s natural color] because I knew the camera would read it as being even brighter than what it looked to my eye.”

In order to keep that color consistent, she traced the starlet’s lips with a (2) BEIGE LIP PENCIL  and then added (1) RODIN LIP BALM, which “is made up of essential oils…and adds just a little bit of pink and a little bit of glisten.”


P.S. In case you hadn’t already heard, Urban Decay came out with a limited-edition “Glinda Palette” made up of six ethereal eyeshadow pans. Get it by clicking on the image below!

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