Girls Fashion: ‘Together’

I have been trying to think of clever ways to tie in my discovery (finally!!) of the designer behind Marnie’s (Allison Williams) gray purse and the title of last night’s season 2 finale of Girls (episode 10), “Together,” but I haven’t quite come up with one.

I could be cheesy and say: now we can all look as put together as the character with a charcoal shoulder bag like hers… but I think I’ll spare you guys this time.

Anyway, I have been emailed a lot about the aforementioned accessory and haven’t been able to give a legit answer until now, so needless to say, I am breathing a sigh of style-hunting relief!

I can’t say, however, that I am breathing a sign of relief for all of our Girls after the sophomore season ender. Though Marnie seemed genuinely happy to be back with Charlie (Christopher Abbott), and Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) was free to live her 21-year-old bar-hopping life, it was Hannah (Lena Dunham) and her OCD haircut that left me heartbroken.

When Adam (Adam Driver) came to her rescue, I cringed instead of cheered. After that whole, get on all fours debacle with Natalia in episode 9, I can honestly say I am not a member of Team Adam.

Leave it to Lena to have a perfectly reasonable explanation for bringing the two back together: “Adam showing up for her is her first step in recovering, but it’s also kind of her first step in showing up for him, which is something she wasn’t really able to do in the first round of their relationship,” she explained in a video interview.

Girls Marnie Allison Gray Grey Purse Handbag

Joanna Maxham “Arm Candy” Shoulder Bag in Dark Gray (no longer available, but check out the New York-based designer’s other great purses!)
Siggi Small Flap Handbag in Grey Multi or
Free Endearment “Dana” Shoulder Bag in Gray

Girls Shoshanna Zosia Butterfly Dress

From H&M (no longer available, but you can see it on eBay here)
GET THE LOOK (pictured L to R):
Traffic People Butterfly Print Mini Dress  
Wallis Green Butterfly Print Dress

OASAP Butterfly Printing Pleated Dress
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