Elementary Fashion: ‘While You Were Sleeping’

I would like to know if you’d be able to start a section for the TV show Elementary on CBS. I’m interested in following everything Joan Watson wears. (EVERYTHING!) If you can’t start a whole section devoted to the show, could you at least track down this coat? — Lorie

Lorie, thank you so much for this question! I need to first preface this post by admitting I do not actually watch Elementary on a regular basis (though from the sounds of your request, I think I am missing out!).

Being the costume sleuth I am, I cannot leave a fashion mystery uncracked… a closet case wide open… a style puzzle unsolved — that enough detective puns for you? — so, I reached out to the Elementary costume department.

Joan Watson’s (Lucy Liu) jacket you are seeking (from Season 1, Episode 2, “While you were Sleeping“) is identified below. And because I appreciate your dedication to the show, I also threw in a few extra goodies for you into this post: IDs on a few adorable accessories worn by the doc.

Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Gray Grey Jacket

By the New York City-based brand Improvd (the costume department purchased it at Century 21 in summer 2012, and I sadly couldn’t locate a product image online anywhere)
GET THE LOOK (pictured right)
Caine Grey Leather “Arlington” Trench Coat
Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Gold Bird Earrings

(Seen in Episode 13, “The Red Team”)
Peggy Li Little Bird Earrings in gold

Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Cloud Lightning necklace

(Seen in Episode 16, “Details“)
Peggy Li Weather the Storm! Necklace

Elementary Joan Watson Lucy Gold Earrings

(Seen in Episode 17, “Possibility Two“)
Peggy Li Simple Disc Earring in gold

Got an item you want to track down? A set you want deconstructed? Email me (findit@onscreenstyle.com), send me note via the contact page, or send me a Tweet

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