The Carrie Diaries: All About That ‘Carrie Bag’

Carrie Diaries Carrie Bradshaw Black Splatter Paint PurseLadies (and, uh, hopefully some gentlemen!), we witnessed a miracle tonight. Stylist du jour, Eric Daman, has managed to give birth to yet another fashion trend.

In the past it was headbands and ascots, but the new accessory soon to be hitting a Pinterest near you comes in the form of a handbag and requires a flair for neon.

Of course, I’m talking about the Mark Cross handbag, which we saw  The Carrie Diaries‘ titular Carrie Bradshaw (AnnaSophia Robb) personalize with DIY skills most 16-year-olds only wish they had the energy for.

Eric recently dubbed the unique purse an “instant classic” and though I never thought I’d see those two words paired with any references to splatter paint, I’d actually have to agree.

“The signature Mark Cross bag is an instant classic, because it already is: Grace Kelly used to carry one,” the costume designer said in an interview with Fashion Week Daily. “It’s sophisticated, but doesn’t scream ‘I am a designer bag!’ Splatter some paint on it and you have a personalized, dyed original.”

If you’re dying to own a black “Carrie” bag, you’re in luck, because it’s available for purchase today — sans splatter paint — at Barney’s! All you need is some major cash, a plethora of ’80s-friendly nail polish, and a name that looks really good in cursive.

You can also virtually decorate your own “Carrie” purse via The Carrie Diaries Purseonalizer app on Facebook. Props to whomever came up the idea for this app, and even bigger props to whomever named it.

I’ve included a few more get-the-look options for the satchel below. Though I’d imagine a dead-ringer knockoff is only a New York minute away.

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Carrie Diaries Carrie Splatter Bag Purse Scottie by Mark Cross

Mark Cross “Scottie” Small Satchel customized for the CW series

Buy a decently priced top-handle black, leather satchel (like the Cordova Cross-Body Bag by Guess) and a set of neon nail polishes or paint and DIY

Check out Battery After Beads’ Up-cycled splatter paint purses on Etsy and see if they’ll do a custom one for ya!

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