Parks and Recreation: Fashion From ‘Ron and Diane’

Last nights’ Parks and Recreation episode (titled “Ron and Diane“) brought back some old flames for some of our Pawnee gang. First, Ron’s (Nick Offerman) crazy ex-wife, Tammy Two (Megan Mullally) appeared in all of her  inappropriate glory at the Indiana Fine Woodworking Association awards.

Wearing a fiery red sexpot dress (which, I have to admit, I really did like) by DVF, Tammy, a.k.a. “the piece of human garbage” (Ron’s words, not mine), rattled off so many hilarious one-liners, I had to post a few here:

1. Tammy to a random craftsmen: “Wow, look at this room. So much wood ready to be worked.”

2. Tammy after Leslie (Amy Poehler) asks why she’s at the woodworking awards: “Oh, I just have a little something I need to get drilled.”

3. Tammy to Leslie (while wrestling in a garbage dumpster, natch): “Oh my god, I am so turned on right now.”

Meanwhile, at the Gergich Christmas party, amid shock over how gorgeous Jerry’s wife (guest star Christie Brinkley) was, Chris (Rob Lowe) froze when his ex, Millie (Sarah Wright) walked in with a fiancé on her arms. I froze, too, but only because I j’adored Millie’s silk, purple party dress.

Christie Brinkley’s red Christmas sweater, however, still remains questionable.


Parks and Rec red dress on Tammy or Megan by DVF

Rachel Lily Dress by Diane Von Furstenberg
Jones New York Women’s Matte Jersey Cowl Neck Sheath

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