Modern Family: The Dunphys’ Colorful, Striped Pitcher

Like most sitcom kitchens, the one that the Dunphy family dwells in on Modern Family¬†is often a central character in itself. It’s where Haley and Alex were once banished to when they complained they were bored. It’s where Cam desperately searched for a piece of tupperware that he swore Claire “stole” years ago. Where Jay slyly deleted an offensive email sent by Gloria. And where Phil served Dave (Matthew Broderick) some misleading margaritas…

This gathering place has certainly seen its fair share of chaos, and the random collection of stuff all around proves just how well lived in it truly is. Among the assortment of perfectly unmatched kitchen goods is a bold, striped water pitcher, which I have often admired and wanted to steal for my own use. The good news is, the pitcher is on sale now at Crate and Barrel. The bad news? It won’t get any of us closer to being adopted into the Dunphy family ourselves.

Modern Family kitchen pitcher striped

Episode 77, “Open House of Horrors” (Photo Credit: ABC)
modern family kitchen pitcher raya

Exact: Raya Pitcher from Crate and Barrel
Similar: Omniware Rio Striped Pitcher from Kohl’s

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